Below is a conversation that I had with my therapist in the room.

Therapist: looking at my eyes as she came closely “Come on in.”
Me: following her to the room, she closed the door shut.
Therapist: “I have a little gift for you to keep.”
Me: I started looking at her hand, opening up the little pink patterned fabric bag, she took the little stone out and placed it at the palm of her hand to show me. I can see the stone with little fragmented pink patterns in it on a background of black.
Therapist: “I am trying to show you about all of the fragmented parts of you and how this little pink stone is a powerful symbol of holding all of them together, when you hold it with the palm of your hand and grasp it tightly.”
Me: trying to hold back my tears as I see her demonstrating it to me by holding the stone.
Therapist: “When you are in need of comfort, from time to time you can hold the stone with your hand.”
Therapist: “I want to tell you that healing is possible.”
Me: “But, I don’t know where to start, because there are just so much trauma.”
Therapist: “Even if just a tiny little bit, as we start it with a toehold, we can work on it.”
Me: “But, I find healing is extremely excruciating.”
Therapist: “It makes sense to me that healing to you is painful, because what is new to you right now is frightening.”