I have been bullied all throughout high school, especially when I was in year 7, year 8, year 9 and year 10. I have skipped most of year 8 and was too traumatised to go to school, so I was staying at home instead during that time I was not enrolled. Despite changing to different types of schools, I was still being targeted for bullying. It was a nightmare to go to school every single morning.

For instance, I was being stuck on my back with a paper sign, with the word “fool”, when I was walking in the school’s corridor and during the time I was in the classroom, where I was publicly humiliated, because every classmate was able to notice it, although I was oblivious about it, until a later time. I was being stuck of a needle on my back and almost got myself injured, if I would lie against a surface. The same male classmate also torn off my paper, crumbled it and threw it to the floor for me to pick it up, when we were in music class. I was being humiliated on a daily basis passively as well.

I was being ostracised by three classmates, being told to “fuck off” and also was told “screw you”. I often ate in the toilet alone to spend my time, because I was too frightened to see other classmates and it was awkward of me, as an outcast of the entire school. I have always been excluded in class groups and seats, and as long as I came down to sit in the classroom, a male classmate next to me would always name call me “a piece of shit” repetitively all the time. I was also mocked in front of the whole class, while all the classmates were sitting together in one long table, that I was told that I should never have existed. I also was being mocked that I deserved to die, very loudly, in front of all other students in broad daylight, during break time. There was a time, where I was being laughed at, of a cup of orange juice being poured all over my skirt, underwear and legs. I was all wet and humiliated publicly, because I was at the centre of the school ground, where everyone was overlooking me.

I was humiliated by my synthetic wig, because I was suffering from the condition called Trichotillomania. I was mocked twice that I was “fat”, that I was “pathetic”, being ostracised by so-called friends at school, who didn’t invited me to birthday parties, for instance, while the other girls in the same group did. I also was ostracised by four other female classmates, who looked at me with disgust. The bullying and harassment did not end when I finished high school, but also it continued still, when I was a university student.