I have been bullied and harassed, even beyond high school, when I was as a university student. A lot of what occurred to me during this time was in the form of cyberbullying. The issue with cyberbullying is that, it feels like even at home, I was being followed, stalked over and haunt me in a way that it could occur 24/7, and not within the school campus, but outside of it, felt like omnipresent.

During the time I was a university student, outside of campus, during the three years of schooling, I was still being oppressed by people who abused their power over me. I was being name called a “lemon ginger”, being threatened to slit my throat, being name called a “moron”, a “kiddo”, being openly mocked to get to the floor, look up and to learn from others. I was told that I was concluded and mocked of my intelligence. I was being mocked, being told that I was hated, where my name was scribbled out, that she cursed me and burnt the paper to ashes, was insulted to “get a brain”, to “go home and kill yourself”, being slandered on my back maliciously, being insulted that I was “crazy”, insulted quite a few times to “get medicated”, being mocked of my voice and speech, being insulted that I was cursed all of my life, was thrown of food all over me, being name called a “weirdo” and being ostracised by all members online, when I was still a university student.