Showing pornographic-related images to a little child is child sexual abuse. It was a highly disturbing experience to me, when I was just four years of age.

Then, around that time, I also remember that I was infected with urinary tract infection, where I was unable to urinate in the toilet, due to the persistent burning pain. I started becoming secretive and withdrawn from everyone also. The UTI has lasted for quite a long time. I also was playing dolls in a sexualised way and was penetrating myself many times when I was being alone. It was an abnormal age to be knowledgable of all of these things. I didn’t tell anyone about what has happened to me during that time. My therapist has told me that children mimics what they have learnt.

This was the second type of trauma and this type of trauma did not stop here, but it continued towards teenager’s years and adulthood, which I will share in other posts.