This is the fifth type of trauma, domestic violence, which is pretty widespread nowadays. I have been verbally abused with the most foul language possible in the past and was physically beaten up, most often by hand. I had suffered injuries, from the hard physical beatings of my body and legs. My stuff were thrown all over the place and was threatened to be killed. It occurred to me when I was thirteen years of age and twenty-one, where I was left completely powerless, traumatised and defenceless. Though, the violence has stopped right now, the memories are still being recalled vividly.

In regards of verbal and physical abuse, I also have experienced bullying all throughout my schooling years relentlessly, as the sixth type of trauma, in the form of verbal, physical and emotional abuse, in every way possible. Verbal abuse can be as detrimental as physical abuse. The trauma of bullying has been the highlight of all other types of traumas that I have faced, due to its severity.