It is a fact that, when there is a tiny cut here and there, then it becomes a massive haemorrhage. I was separated from my father when I was eight years of age as a child. I was only living with my mother instead. There was psychological trauma, when I was taken care by my mother only from the age of eight to eleven, while living apart from my father, who resided overseas. Then beyond the age of eleven, I was able to see my father for a short period of time and was separated again, when I was around sixteen years old. Then, there has been another six to seven years now, at the age of twenty-two, where I am still living with my mother only at home, who takes care of my psychiatric disability on a daily basis.

This is the third type of trauma that I have been through. By my experience, being separated from my father was a damaging developmental trauma, because there were not only chronic grief, but also by being pulled apart between living with my mother and my father sometimes, has been a psychological torment repetitively. It pretty much was repeating the same initial process of separation, wounding further, especially during stages when I was still a child.