The sexual assaults that I had was at the age of thirteen twice and twenty. The first assault that I had was in the train station when I was thirteen, still being underaged. It happened during the morning, when I was in my school uniform going to school, I was being groped of my underwear for a very long time. The second time was also at the age of thirteen, being sexually assaulted by another man when I was at home, not getting into explicit details, as it was very dirty. So, despite telling him that I was thirteen of age, he still spoke to me with explicit details and told me how to touch myself sexually. Again, there were many details in it that I am uncomfortable to disclose. The third sexual assault was the age of twenty, where I had a rape incident in the church by a member of the congregation. Again, I will not get into the details of it. However, I am working with my therapist in this second type of trauma.

The memories of flashbacks are so real, as though I am re-living the pain over and over again. It is also the same with nightmares. I would be ninety-five percent of the time, focusing on the trauma and only five percent on the current task. I have difficulty in concentration and throughout the day, I would not be able to function properly, due to how traumatised that I am. I had eating disorders and have sleeping disorders, often polar-opposite, because I would either overeat or not eat at all and I would either oversleep or be restless all through the night hours.