I am going to divide the sexual trauma into three parts, including sexual harassment, sexual assaults and sexual abuse. So, as I have mentioned briefly in the page section, my sexual harassments have occurred when I was aged nine, ten, twelve, twice in sixteen, twice when I was twenty-one and twenty-two.

Back then when I was nine, I was being repetitively stalked everywhere by my school teacher. It seemed like wherever I went, I would be followed, even outside of school, as though she was omnipresent. It was very creepy, because there was a time when I was half-naked at the lower part of myself around the bathroom area, she gave me yet another creepy smile. When I was ten, I was sexually harassed of my breasts in a verbal way by two people in the train. The time when I was twelve, I was being forced to see and hear obscene gestures and moans of another female classmate at school. Not going into details…

The fourth time I was sexually harassed was a female classmate who touched of my bum repetitively everyday, that has left me feeling uncomfortable afterwards, when I was sixteen. Then, another time when I was a teenager at sixteen, I was being sexually harassed by another classmate, of my skirt and underwear being wet with juice. Also, at the age of twenty-one twice, the first one was how I was being told to wet myself with my own urine, and the second one was how the time I was sexually harassed of my tears, yes, due to someone else’s fetish, but I felt offended. The eighth sexual harassment was being told of sexually suggestive words, it was disgusting, so I don’t want to disclose further.

I find this article is very helpful in defining what sexual assault is: