The Complex Trauma that I have been through, has been consisting of six different types, which mapping all of them together, spans across from early childhood until the time when I was an adult, for many years in a prolonged period of time, of trauma and abuse, occurring repetitively. This included early childhood neglect, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assaults, sexual abuse, family separation, frequent displacements, domestic violence, bullying in primary school, bullying in high school and bullying in university.

A singular traumatic event is already very damaging to the brain psychologically, and when there is a repetitive cycle of trauma happening in an individual’s life, especially before becoming an adult, during the time of childhood to adolescence, it would cause developmental trauma. I was poly-fragmented by the impact of psychological trauma. Poly-fragmentation means being fragmented again and again, after there was already a previous fragmentation of self.

Below is a mapping that I have created to present it visually: