Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Romans 8:35

Back in late 2012, I have found Love in the darkest of the dark. From the age of ten, I was suicidal and it continued to worsen overtime. During that time before the age of seventeen, I never knew Love. Trauma has often been my every breath, for I was surrounded by abuse, whether it was verbal abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse or physical abuse, I had all of them. We never knew what was love about and never really had the true moment of joy for the very first time. I was in the dark, blinded, hurt, abused and humiliated. Having been through humiliation, I knew every bit of how it tastes like. Oh, the world tries to mimic Love, but it really all comes back to the One who has originated it, for the scripture has said that God is love, He does not have love, but He is Love Himself.

The world tries to mimic the love that God has, but since this world is fallen and is in its sinful state, as we behold the wickedness of humanity that is beyond repair. The love that the world gives is thus oftentimes a love that is mixed with impurity, a love that is selfish, a love that is insincere, a love that is full of lust of the flesh in disguise, a love that is done with condition, a love that is dishonest, therefore it is imperfect and flawed. Although, the word says that despite the world is imperfect in its love that it gives, the love in Christ is perfect, for He is perfection Himself. God is the originator of Love, hence, all the little l for love are of this world that is mirroring that true love, that capitalised L for Love that is from above.

The love that is in Christ is pure, perfect and complete, for He loves perfectly and completely, without condition, without reservation and without partiality. God is Love and the love of Christ is a healing balm to the broken souls, to those who have been abused and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, the love of Christ, as mentioned in Romans 8:35 will never be separated from you and me, despite how far you have ran away from Him, His love is always there, for He is always faithful and He cannot deny Himself. The love that Jesus has is beyond human’s wildest imaginations. I have never, personally, came into my thought about the love that I have known through truly knowing Him.

Having been through complex trauma all of my life, in times when I thought that God has forsaken me, but He has never abandoned me, despite how I was times and times again rejected, abandoned, humiliated, hurt and in pain, how I was fragmented by the impact of trauma, fragmented again and again, dying over and over again, the love of Christ is a very powerful force, for His love is as powerful as all other aspect of Himself, that floods through the depth of one’s being, overcoming the person with the powerful waves of His love. There is no greater love than the love of Christ. Jesus has shown me time and time again that I do not even have to earn a bit of love from Him, for He gives it freely. There is nothing that you and me can do that would be able to seperate from the love of God that has for us, His children.

The time back in 2012, Christ has shown me the love that He has for me on the cross, that He has given His all for me, His life through the cross, so that I might be saved and can live. The scripture has said that I was living, but living while being spiritually dead, because I was in sin. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me of the sinful nature of mankind and the need of that one way to the cross, the way everlasting and life eternal is only done through the cross and Christ alone. I was undeserving of His mercy and grace, yet He has exchanged my shame for His robe of righteousness, when I laid down my life, by nailing the sinful nature, the flesh and self-will, in response to His love for me, that He has laid down His life for me, without hesitation, in complete obedience to the Father. Just so as myself, being fully yielded to the will of God.

No matter how hurt one is, how abused one is, how one’s life was full of trauma, there is hope in Christ. Jesus is near to the broken hearted and is willing to heal those who are broken in heart, to restore the joy that was stolen away from the past. He is our heavenly father and He sees every one of His children as priceless, special, unique and irreplaceable in His Kingdom, for there is no one in this world that can replace you. Jesus is gentle, tender in love and patience towards us. I would like to reach out to others who also have been through psychological trauma or complex trauma (Complex-PTSD), that there is a hope and this sure and one and only hope is in Christ. He does not want heaven without us, so that is why He came down to the earth to save us, so that we will not be separated from Him for an eternity in hell.

God is always good and will always be. He is ever-consistent in His nature. The word says that He always was, always is and always will be. He is not wavered by human emotions or emotions of the soul in the love that He gives us. It is not like us humans, who have a bad day, then we refrain from being loving completely. Then, when we have a good day, then are we able to love others better and more, depending on the mood of the day. The love of God is different, for His love is always the same, same as in always perfect and complete, for an eternity.