Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified. – Matthew 27:26

I have chosen this verse, because it was about the scene when Jesus was scourged and crucified. He was then mocked and publicly humiliated by the persecutors. He was the Lamb of God who knew no sin, that we might be saved, through His blood that was shed on the cross for us, so that our sins can be forgiven. As I am writing in my way to recovery from complex trauma, a survivor of abuse, when I read through this chapter of Matthew 27, I was reminded that I was told by Jesus Himself personally to me that He has carried all the trauma and humiliation that there was on His cross.

After this, I was pondering about this for a while. Jesus has gone through that day, as a lamb that was slain. He carried the sins of this world on His shoulders, because of His great love for this world. On that day, Jesus was being persecuted by a crowd of people who wanted Him to be crucified. He was then scourged. The wounds that should have been on me, were upon His back, when He was flagellated by the persecutors on that day. The mockery and the public humiliation, when Jesus was being given a crown of thorns and was scoffed of being the King of the Jews, of the trauma and humiliation were carried by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The sufferings that He had endured, He tasted hell for me on that day, so that I might live. The cross where He was nailed, of His hands and His feet, being misunderstood by the persecutors around Him of who He really was, that the One who was being nailed to the cross is our Saviour. He tasted death for me, so that I would be able to, by faith, through His blood, that I can be clothed in His righteousness, so that I can be adopted in His eternal Kingdom of Heaven, as His sons and daughters.

Jesus on that day, has went through what should have been a curse on me, because of my sins, but He has carried all of that on the cross, all that pain, that suffering, that torment, that humiliation, that trauma, that sorrow, that mockery and everything that was a curse on the human flesh, He took it on that day, out of His great love and mercy for us, so that we might be saved and can live in Heaven, of a place that will have no sorrows, no sins, no hopelessness, no darkness, no sad tears, no pain, no suffering and everything that we were cursed at, from the time of Adam and Eve, will turn into blessings, all because of what Jesus has done for this lost and dying world on His cross. For those who also have been a survivor of abuse, I would want to say that Jesus has died an abusive death for you and me, so that we can live life abundantly. It will also be solely by the grace of God, that by the power of His throne, that will seize a man from sinning, so that in heaven, there will only be sinless perfection and everything will be beautiful in its place.

The Lord Jesus understands completely of what both you and me have went through, because He too has went through it on that day. He loves you more than you will ever know and it was demonstrated perfectly on the cross. There is no one in this world that would love you as perfect and as complete as Jesus, because He is God alone, God of the Trinity, through the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only One who would never hurt both you and me, because there is one thing that He cannot do, for He cannot sin, as He cannot go against His very nature of Love, while He is God Himself, that He can do all things and that all power of heaven and of earth belongs to Jesus. He was abased to the lowest place, as what Psalm 22:6 says that He was as a worm and no man, for He has took that place of worthlessness of myself, so that I can be made worthy through Him. The Lord Jesus then was exalted to the highest place above all. I am very thankful for what He has done for me, in such an undeserving state that I am in and even up to this day, I still could not fully understand of His love, God Himself and what was done on the cross. Even though it can be understood by the written account of the crucifixion, but it has such a profound meaning behind it.

The pain that Jesus took on the cross was pure agony and excruciating, even the movies that have tried their best to depict His suffering on the cross, but none of them are able to depict exactly of what Jesus has went through. No movies were able to do justice to that same beatings that He took and all that suffering that He took on the cross, of how disfigured that He was and as a bloody pulp that was nailed to the cross that day. This has made me turn away from my sins, because when I think about the suffering on the cross that Jesus has carried for both you and me, I would only want to refrain from doing anything that is not right in His sight. Jesus has once told me, which applies to all of us, that He would die for us over and over again, and that He would die for just you, if you are the only one in this world who are in need of redemption, He would, because of His great love for you. No matter how big the sins that you have ever committed against God, His blood is able to save you from everything. All you need to do is to accept Jesus as your saviour, who is the only way to salvation and the forgiveness of sins, then surrender your life and will completely to Jesus, repenting of all your sins, for He has given His ALL for you on the cross, His very life. Who could compare to what Jesus has done on the cross, there is no one like Him!