I wrote this poetry during the time when I have lost everything in this life, literally every single thing in this life that there was and I was in a place that was beyond words could describe, of a void within me that is beyond maximal, extremely profound and indescribably vast. It just could not put into words of the fragmented parts of me that were writing this poetry, while being fragmented.

Although, what I have learnt is that, my dependence and intimacy with God has grown stronger and stronger over time, especially when I had nothing, absolutely nothing left in my life, that I have grown to cling to Him like never before, relying on Him on a moment-to-moment basis. It really has been a humbling experience, comparing if, there would be a situation when I am not in this traumatised state, I would not be able to see of such a great need of Jesus in my life. I was completely broken and emptied and this was what I wrote. This heartfelt poetry was written back in December, 2017.

Father, You Are here with me,
Abba, Your Presence surrounds me,
You are my oxygen that I breathe in,
With every fiber of my existence,
I breathe You in.

I cannot escape from You, Lord,
I can even feel You in the darkness,
In my darkest place, You Are there,
When no one was here for me,
You Are right there.

You softly whisper to me in the silence,
I am tethered to Your sweet voice,
My ears are ever attuned to You,
My eyes are ever locked into You,
Only You, Lord, only You.

Even before I utter a word,
Even before I move an inch,
You already know it altogether,
You know my thoughts intimately,
You memorize me.

You called me in the wilderness,
You have cleansed and set me apart,
You bathe me in Your tender love,
Drawing me into our secret place,
Only You and I in this sacred space.

You have hedged me in all sides,
Spirit to spirit, we are intertwined,
You Are my bones and my flesh,
In sync of every heartbeat,
Running deep unto deep.

My soul is completely yielded to You,
And, this child always hold Your Hand,
Sprinting to You with all my might,
As You guide my way home,
By the sparks of Your light.

The shallow things of this world,
Mean absolutely nothing to me,
For You are better than life,
Completely captivated me,
Who Is the only key.

Your Love is like no other,
Forever, it knows no bounds,
Perfectly floods through over me,
I just want You and no one else,
Oh Lord, nothing else.