Deprogramming Series

Below are the main highlights of therapeutic methods, we have learnt from therapy, to share.

Taking Little Steps
You can take little steps, even if it is just starting from a toehold, when there seems to be so much trauma that you do not know where to start.

Validation of Trauma
Trauma is trauma. The traumas that have happened to you were not okay. You deserve to be heard, understood, cared about and comforted.

Reassurance of Safety
You are safe right now, back then it was not, when we separate from the past and present. It is important to stay free from present perpetrators.

Managing Flashbacks
Your flashbacks are not happening now, but it is your brain trying to process what has happened to you, that was very overwhelming and distressing.

Reclaiming Power
It is time to reclaim the power of your perpetrators, including your body, your mind, your life, your self, which have been stolen away from you.

Winning Suicide
The suicidal tendencies are just thoughts and not action. If you were to die, you are giving your abusers of exactly what they want; you and your life.

Surviving The Memories
You have already survived the worst, you are able to survive it now. It is now surviving the memories and your traumatic memories do not make you.

The Survivor’s Strength
You are a survivor with so much inner strength and have already overcame so much traumas. There is an inner quality within you, which is amazing.

Present Autonomy
You can move and have control of yourself now, back then it was not. Even if you just treat yourself something that you like, is taking back a bit of it.

Lies of Perpetrators
Your sense of worthlessness imposed by your perpetrators are lies. You are somebody and your life matters. It takes time and many reassurances.