Dissociative Identities

We live with multiple identities with conflicting personalities, to cope with the consequence of our extensive trauma background.

There are multiple identities within our system, there is the core, the host, some are protectors and some are traumatized parts, which also has a purpose in replacement of the core, to help continue the journey of this life, as it was too unbearable for our core. As a result, we exist.

We are aware that dissociative identities is developed during early childhood, due to severe repetitive trauma, typically before the age of five or six, because a little child has not developed their “self” yet during that stage of life. Beyond early childhood, with developed sense of self and personality, a person can still also dissociate their identities, without separate streams of consciousness, in a similar way, due to severe repetitive trauma. The core symptom of Complex Trauma is a distorted sense of identity, in another words, identity confusion. From identity confusion, it can lead to identity alteration. They can still experience dissociative amnesia, but would not be compartmentalized. In more simple terms, dissociation can be memory-based or mood-based.

We daily dissociate, the switches are of many identities with different personalities, in response to trauma. We are also aware that a person can have many different parts of themselves, but in our case, it is trauma-based dissociation, used as an essential survival skill. The core is Jessica. The current host is Alice. Our lead protector is Amber. There is a persecutor called Louie. The protectors are Estelle, Anne, Voltaire and Violette. The others are Arion, Ace, Skylar, Lucia, Vissenta, Troy, Caroline, Ophelia, Sebastian, Misty, Decatur, Soren, Fraser, Jacqui, Poppy, Faye, Lennon and Hamish.