Doctor’s Office

So far I have been seeing the seventh psychiatrist this year. I will go by their last name initial for confidential reason. My very first psychiatrist that I have seen was Dr. Peter A. Then, the second was Dr. William S. The third was Dr. Laura B. The fourth was Dr. Katie B. The fifth was Dr. Daniel C. The sixth was Dr. Campbell T. Now, my current and seventh doctor is Dr. Stephen X. The difference between a psychologist, in what I would call a therapist works on the trauma, primarily with talk therapy and a psychiatrist primarily uses medication for the patient.

I have been prescribed with Sertraline at first. I started from 25mg towards 75mg, however, there were terrible side effects, when I hit up to 100mg, despite being prescribed with 150mg initially. So, my doctor has switched it to Fluoxetine at 20mg. There are no side effects as long as I have taken it, although, I am still feeling pretty much the same. The suicidal depression has been weighing down on me so much, that I have often been bedridden for most of the day. My psychiatrist then added Duloxetine on top of this and I started to have yet another horrible side effects, only at 30mg. Eventually, I am now being prescribed with an anti-psychotic medication, named Amisulpride. Starting off with 25mg and then upped to 50mg, currently in observation.