Programming Series

When trauma is extensive enough, it forcefully programs and structures the victim.

Anti-healing Programming
A part of us finds healing is extremely excruciating, new and frightening. They perceives that being cared and loved is hurtful, because all they have known is pain and humiliation, as their comfort zone. They do not know what joy is.

Anti-pleasure Programming
There is a persecutor within our system. We have been blocked of treating ourselves good, oftentimes beyond our control. If we do so, to lift our spirit brighter (that humans take for granted), we will get punished.

Suicide Programming
We have been programmed to suicide, having been implanted messages within us time and time again. We suffer suicidal tendencies on a daily basis, often in life-threatening crisis. We have an extensive suicidal history.

Lock-down Programming
When we get into complete shut-down mode, it would be beyond our control in this freezing state. The weight of trauma would stop our every movement, as though we cannot breathe, but are left dying. 

Robot Programming
Some of us feel like we are an object and not human. We have been programmed to feel that we have no heart. We have been programmed to feel that we are a robot to please others and that we are a nobody.

Regression Programming
Some of us are mentally stuck or mentally regressed into childlike states, due to repetitive trauma, which can cause developmental issues. It shows through their behaviors, personalities and perceptions.

Alteration Programming
We have been altered of our whole self radically, beyond our control, fragmented us into many identities, in order to cope with the residual trauma. Our personalities have also been programmed with many conflicts.

Control Programming
Some of us feel that everyone has total control over us, due to extensive exposure to severe trauma. We feel that we are always lower than other people, due to the nature of traumatized victims, is powerlessness.

Perceptual Programming
We have been forced to create protective modes within our system, because it takes light years away for us to even trust another person a little bit. We perceive that no one is safe and no place is safe either.

Irreversible Programming
The programming has been so extensive, that the damage apparently seems to be irreversible, because even before one layer has ever been healed up, another layer of trauma has added on top of the many layers.