Protective Modes

We have developed protective modes, in response to perpetual danger and war-like trauma. There are the alpha, beta, gamma, delta and omega modes, ready to deploy.

Alpha Protector (Masochistic Mode)
One of our protectors, she can only derive pleasure from being inflicted with pain. She loves pain, as a way to cope with the traumatic pain, because when we have grown to love pain, the pain will no longer have a shattering effect upon us. This has been developed subconsciously by our brain.

Beta Protector (Object Mode)
One of our protectors are gender-neutral and perceives itself as an object, because when she is in object mode, she would not be associated with any human feelings and emotions, as well as, feeling less targeted by another human being. We are hyper-vigilant at all times.

Gamma Protector (Projective Mode)
One of our protectors has this projective mode, which is depersonalization. There are two sub-modes, the first is the inner projective mode and the second is the outer projective mode. The inner projective mode is seeing oneself as an outside observer within the physical body and the outsider projective mode is too the same, but outside of the physical body, in the spirit, due to being paralyzed in extreme anxiety, which leads to astral projection, disconnecting from all physical pain, surroundings and emotions.

Delta Protector (Filter Mode)
One of our protectors has this filter mode, through the wall of glass, when we experience derealization. We are disconnected from the outside world through this mode. The wall of glass is invisible to the naked eyes, but we know that it is there. It envelopes us everywhere that we go.

Omega Protector (Insiders Mode)
We are a group of protectors, of the same individual in different modes, have insiders mode, because we trust no outsiders and any relationship. There are family members and friends on the outside, but we have created relationships within, of insiders family and friends, comforting each other in times of distress. We know that our own insiders are more dependable.

Note: These are the sub-protectors mode, which are minor, comparing to the major protective modes, which is the dissociative identities system and pseudo-hallucination, seven in total, two in which have not been listed here.