Reprogramming Series

“Lord Jesus Christ, You are my Creator, my Designer and my God. Who knows better than You do? You are my Ultimate Healer!”

Reprogramming: First Phase

  • When Your Memories Have Ruined You, God Defines You
  • When You Thought No One Was There, God Was There
  • When You Thought No One Cared, God Had Empathy
  • When You Thought No One Understood, God Knows
  • When You Are Finding Help, God Is The Ultimate Healer
  • When You Cry, God Never Has Forgotten One Tear
  • When No One Has Ever Helped, God Is Your Defender
  • When You Feel Worthless, God Gives You Worth
  • When You Never Felt Love, God Loves You Unconditionally
  • When You Feel Traumatized, God Holds You Tenderly

Reprogramming: Second Phase

  • When You Cannot Move On, God Gives You Strength
  • When You Have No Peace, God Is Your Peace
  • When You Feel Vulnerable, God Assigns Guardian Angels
  • When You Feel Unsafe, God Is Your Safe Hiding Place
  • When People Have Abused You, God Loves You Completely
  • When You Have Failed God, He Still Loves You Perpetually
  • When Your Life Feels Uncertain, God Loves You Faithfully
  • When You Are Depressed, God Reassures It As Temporal
  • When You Felt Alone, God Carried Yours At The Cross
  • When You Felt Forsaken, God Is With You Every Moment

Reprogramming: Third Phase

  • When You Feel You Are Too Wounded, God Can Heal
  • When You Are Suicidal, God Sees You Special To Him
  • When You Were At Your Worst, God Still Saved You
  • When No One Saw The Best Of You, God Sees It
  • When You Hated Yourself, God Thinks You Are Priceless
  • When You Questioned Why, God Reveals Perfect Gain
  • When You Have No Future, God Gives You His Plan
  • When You Feel Your Life Is Useless, God Makes Beauty
  • When You Feel Hopeless, God Sustains Your Everything
  • When You Have Lost Everything, God Is Your Restorer